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Replacement Icons for 7-Zip

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I have been an avid fan of 7-Zip for quite sometime but the only thing that I feel it lacks is a good set of icons as the icons currently built into 7-Zip are very drab and plain and well I like nice icons 🙂 .

For those that do not know what 7-Zip is, it is a replacement for Winzip, in fact in my view it is better as it is so much faster, has better compression and best of all it is free (donations are appreciated 🙂 )

So anyway here are a set of icons I created based on a plain zip icon, they are fairly common but slightly different to the base style with the 7z logo (very small) added to them and the compression type across the cabinet in different colours so you can visually see the compression type.

Sorry these are only in ico windows format.

Download Replacement 7-Zip Icons

I edited my 7z.dll file to include them as part of 7-Zip – I used Reshack to do this.  Otherwise just use the inbuilt windows icon replacement function via the file type properties.