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First Post

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Well, here we are, or here you are – a new blog you say.  So what makes this one any different to any other one you have read.  Well that is a really good question but I cannot really answer that for you as what you get out of my blog will depend on many factors that are too long to get into on this initial post.

I don’t claim to be an expert in any field, nor do I wish to be labeled as one.  My blog is simply that ‘my blog’ and will simply be about whatever it is that is of interest to me and hopefully to you each day, week, month and year 🙂

So what’s in a name, as in my blog URL and title, that being ‘That Net Site’ or ‘’?  Well nothing really it is simply a name – and a catchy one at that – I could not believe this one was still available – lucky me I guess.

What will be included in my blog will depend on my mood each day and what I am doing, it will include general comment and opinion as well as information about other sites I find useful and tips and tricks that I learn along my daily paths that may be of interest and benefit to others.  My writing style is simple and to the point, I tend to call a spade a spade but endeavor to try and look at things from every angle.  I tend to horde many things (mostly computer related) and I am fairly well organised (when I get around to it 🙂 ) – a little too organised at times.

So why blog now, well my better half (PetArtist and wife) has been suggesting I setup a blog and use it as my daily hobby to relax, have a bit of fun and do what I like to do which is to share a little with everyone.  It has been a long time coming I must confess and I am sure you will say or read bits and pieces on my blog that are also covered elsewhere, but hopefully my way is a new and more interesting way for you.  I have actively been using the Internet since 1995 with my first website still operating –

Anyway that will do it for my first post I am sure I’ll add more about me and this site later on, at this stage I am simply putting it together so if you drop in every now and then I am sure you will see it changing daily as I play with the templates, styles and format of this great open source blog software called WordPress.