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Contracting Work Out – Elance

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

On a recent project I had to make the first step of contracting part of a project I am working on to a third party.  While I had contracted work out to third parties in a previous employed 9 to 5 job, I had not considered doing the same now that I was out on my own so I was a little hesitant. The job was graphic design and while my graphics work is quite good I have my limits.  It also needed to be incorporated into a Flash format with all the bells and whistles.

Using my online community friends as a reference I was directed to Elance.  This was suggested to me as it would attract freelance operators world wide thus giving me a greater and wider selection of possible freelance workers. So far all is sounding really good.

elance.comOn the Elance website I had a look around at both the projects currently available and also several providers and had a look at their work.  All reports were good and there is an escrow service if required which was comforting. (If your looking for work as a Freelance operator – try Elance 🙂 )

I developed my story boards and specifications of the required work with enough detail to enable those interested to provide me an example of their work based loosely on those requirements.  I became a member of Elance, posted my project and set a 5 day schedule.  Within a few hours I had a few bids which was great as it enabled me to have a look at their work well before hand.

The five days passed and I then reviewed each bidder (9 in all) and then shortlisted to the two that I felt addresses my specific requirements and their portfolio was of high quality.  I also had three that were nothing even remotely related to my project so they got the flick straight away.  In my view if a person cannot read and follow a specification they do not deserve the work.

For the two shortlisted freelancers I asked for a rough example of what they can do and within 24 hours had both to select from and I ended up selecting a guy from the UK.

We then via the Elance system confirmed requirements, set timelines, set work detail with detailed scope and agreed on the final price quoted and I paid a 1/3 deposit up front (that is fair as I do the same for any work I do).

I then got on with the rest of the project and other work and within two days I had a first draft and the work was excellent.  I can’t share the work yet as it was still ongoing but I can say that over the last few weeks this process has been very encouraging and I therefore have no hesitation to recommend if you have a project that has elements out of your own skill level or simply have little time for, then why not outsource those parts and source your freelance workers from Elance.

Being a past Project Manager myself for a number of years I found this quite easy to manage and I am looking forward to using the Elance site again for other projects.

BTW I have no connection with or any benefit to gain personally or commercially in recommending Elance.