No new posts for a while… why not?

It would seem that I have a drought on making posts to my blog, not because of what I want to write about and if it is a more negative or positive discussion but more a case of being ill for much of the start of the year so that has resulted in fewer to no additional posts.  I have however read and replied to comments in existing posts when I have been able to.  If you have a topic you would like me to write about, then let me know and I will see what I can put together.  Keep happy everyone 🙂


Welcome 2012

Just a quick post to say welcome everyone to my site for 2012.  This year I hope to focus more on positive themes since I have had a couple of people provide comments to me that many of my posts are more tendered towards the negative rather than the positive.  Right or wrong I will endeavour to change that pattern and be more positive for most (if nor all) of my posts for 2012.  If you have a topic you would like me to write about then please drop me a line and I will certainly take a look at it if the subject matter is of interest to me.  Keep safe everyone and have a great 2012.


Random Rotation of Images Using PHP and Not Javascript

I am not really against javascript but I do prefer to not use it when I can do the same with other coding methods like html, css and php.  There are a lot of scripts and examples to enable the random loading of an image each time a page loads, however most of them use javascript.  While they work, they relied not only on javascript but also that the viewer of the page was running javascript. Many people turn javascript off for fear of being hacked, hijacked or something else, which for 99.9% of the time will not happen, but paranoia is there with quite a few ;).

I am still relatively new to php, but I am learning the more I play with it.  While learning I came across the rand function which gave me some ideas when combining it with an echo.  Could I use php to look for images in a folder, randomly select one of them and then display it.  It sure could and it is very easy to do, you can do it as an ‘img src’ or even css background. Read the rest of this post »


Telstra Wireless Plan Requests Update – THE END!

I know I have said it before but this time I will not be re-opening this issue again.  It has gone on too long and it is very clear that for everything that I have done and tried to do has been in vain with no positive outcome.  The only outcome has been an aggravation to my own illness and a letter from Rebekah O’Flaherty saying I can leave Telstra with no penalty if I am still not happy with the no positive news on wireless plans with Telstra.  Rebekah has made it very clear to me my quest will not yield any results, is being totally ignored and not taken on board and if I don’t like it too bad and leave.  Which would be fine if I could get a service from another provider, which I cannot.  Add to this my wifey’s request I stop the action with Telstra as it is causing my health to deteriorate further due to the stress and negativity from responses from Telstra and the way in which Telstra are treating me on their blog (that being no longer posting any of my comments).

So that is it, no more comments from me about this subject and no more feedback posts to Telstra.  It is clear they do not want my comments and have now chosen to dismiss any and all comments. feedback and questions from me personally.

The End!


SobiPro Templating How To…

I am not against anyone making money from their great work and the developers of SobiPro are no exception.  However I do believe that if you are providing a solution that is supposedly for free that it comes with some basic documentation on how to use the product.  However to access this basic documentation a ‘club’ membership is required which I feel is wrong, but that is only my view, yours may be different.  During my use of SobiPro I have been compiling a list of how to references on using the SobiPro Template framework and the template language (XSL) used.

UPDATE: Yesterday I decided to trial a Club Membership and bought a 1 month membership to see what the documentation was like, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised and really do believe that a 1 or 3 month membership is worth it as the documentation is very good.  It fills the gap between what I already knew and what I have been trying to work out.  So if you can afford a single months membership I suggest you get it, or better yet a 3 month membership.  The only thing that they need to consider adding is an upgrade path from a Bronze to Silver to Gold which I think will assure ongoing payments by users as they notice the true value of the documentation. 

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Joomla Admin Template – Mission Control by Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme Joomla Administration Template - Mission Control

I am not usually one to overly praise a template design but I must make a note of this one as in my view it is the most simple, visually nice and best administration template I have ever used since using Joomla (since it split from Mambo).  Mission Control by Rocket Theme is an elegant administration template that is very well layed out, easy to identify where each part of the admin side of Joomla is and far better for the novice user of any Joomla web site.  It is now my default Administration template for all Joomla sites I have, use and develop.

While the default and standard administration template for Joomla is fine it is more targetted towards a user that really knows Joomla, which for me is fine but for many others it can be daunting and even a little scary to use (based on comments from non Joomla users).  I have tried many other administration templates, including the Adminpraise templates which are quite good as well, however the Mission Control template is less cluttered, better layed out and just easier to use for the novice to even the most expert Joomla user.

I need to make a note I have been a great fan of Rocket Theme templates for quite some time, having a full paid membership with them for about 4 years, however I dropped membership earlier this year simply because they now solely use the Gantry system, which I personally don’t like.  That is not to say the system is not good it just means itis not good for me personally.  I prefer to have control of the framework myself.

The Mission Control template is absolutely 100% free and is available for both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6, hopefully they will continue to maintain it for the upcoming Joomla 1.7 and then 1.8, which I am sure they will.

Instead of me showing every aspect of the theme I think it is best for you to get it and install it yourself, try it out and I am sure you too will think that this is one of, if not the best admin template for Joomla so far.

Rocket Theme – Mission Control Administration template


7-zip Theme Manager


7zip Theme Manager

7-zip Theme Manager

If you have seen my alternative 7-zip icons I made and have liked them and wanted to use them then I have something even better to tell you about and that is the new 7-Zip Theme Manager built by Mark “KillerCookie” Keller and Marco “MAD’S evilution” which goes even further than just replacing the icons, it provide the ability for you to also replace the overall look of 7-zips file manager and its icons with many themes and file type icons to choose from. Read the rest of this post »


Update on my quest for a fairer Telstra/Bigpond wireless plan

Hi all just thought I would give an update on my quest for a fairer deal for wireless home users.

I know I was going to end my quest for better value for wireless users but it is very hard to do when every month you are shaped while those on a wired connection continue to have full speed all of the time.

There was a planned telephone conference between Rebekah, Anthea and myself just over a week ago but due to my own illness that had to be cancelled.  In the end An email communication commenced with my specific questions being asked which have all been asked before on these comment pages, though for those not up to speed they were (in summary);

  1. Why is wireless limited to only 12GB? Could there be an increase in shaping speed?
  2. Why can mobile wireless get 12GB data packs for $69 when I have t pay $89 for home wireless?
  3. Why are there no bundling options available for wireless users
  4. Tower upgrades, not only are we on a low 12GB quota but our local tower is still limited to 3.6mbps, when will it be upgraded. Read the rest of this post »

Dealing with my illness

Before reading this article please note that it does deal with some real personal issues and does come across quite negative to start with, that is not the purpose of the article, its purpose is to allow me to be more aware of and be more open about my own health issues to help me better understand them. This is an accurate (as I can write it) account of how I feel most of the time. I would also like to acknowledge that there are others out there far worse off than me, however this is my story and my blog.

Dealing with an ongoing illness is not always easy, but it is something many like myself have to do and live with each and every day.  As a sufferer of a chronic pancreatic illness I know what it is like to have a good and a really bad day.  It is not just dealing with the daily pain and discomfort, but the way in which the illness can place limits on what you want to do that can really be a measure of how you feel and see things.  In addition to the pain there is often the feeling of uneasiness, floating and the shakes caused by always being ill and also the medication that is taken. Read the rest of this post »


Joomla 1.6, time to reflect, or is there?

Joomla 1.6 PageJanuary 10 2011 saw the release of the much anticipated release of Joomla 1.6.  Like many other Joomla users world wide I too was eager to get a hold of 1.6 and give it a whirl.  With a reported 2.7% of the worlds web sites supposedly using Joomla, the 1.6 release had the hopes of a significant amount of people to take their web site to the next level.

I installed Joomla 1.6 as a fresh test site and had a play with the new features and began to get familiar with the new layouts, templates, categories, menus and user system.  It was nice, it had a better interface and from what I could tell it seemed quicker and sleeker than the 1.5 version.  Of course this was a fresh install with no added extensions but it still had the new feel to it that was a draw card.

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