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7-zip Theme Manager

Monday, April 18th, 2011


7zip Theme Manager

7-zip Theme Manager

If you have seen my alternative 7-zip icons I made and have liked them and wanted to use them then I have something even better to tell you about and that is the new 7-Zip Theme Manager built by Mark “KillerCookie” Keller and Marco “MAD’S evilution” which goes even further than just replacing the icons, it provide the ability for you to also replace the overall look of 7-zips file manager and its icons with many themes and file type icons to choose from. (more…)


Replacement Icons for 7-Zip (ver3)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I have had quite a few people download the 7-zip icons I have created and with that a few comments to say there are missing archives and that it does not work for the 9.x series of 7-zip.

So I have now updated the zip file with new archive formats and I have tested this on Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows7 (32-bit and 64-bit) with 7-zip 9.15.  I have now also tested the same files on Windows XP Pro 32-bit and it works just the same – so what are you waiting for?  Update your 7-zip icons now 🙂 (more…)


Replacement Icons for 7-zip (ver 2)

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I have had quite a few people wanting to use the icons I put together to replace the default awful looking 7-zip ones with many requests for the dll for the 64-bit version.  Instead of trying to keep pace with the 7-zip updates what I have now done is simple created the icons and added a file to change the registry entries for the links to each icon that 7-zip uses.

The icons are simply ‘ico’ files within an icon folder, of which after you have installed 7-zip you copy the ‘icon’ folder to your 7-zip install folder, for example c:/Program Files/7-zip/ and then run/open the registry file in the archived linked below (you may need to confirm as an admin user to do this).  To show the new icons simply log-off your windows account, log back in and presto your icons are now a little nicer than the default ones 🙂

Feel free to share the zip file below, any link backs are very much appreciated 🙂

7zip Replacement Icons

7zip Replacement Icons

7z Download the replacement icons


Replacement Icons for 7-Zip

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I have been an avid fan of 7-Zip for quite sometime but the only thing that I feel it lacks is a good set of icons as the icons currently built into 7-Zip are very drab and plain and well I like nice icons 🙂 .

For those that do not know what 7-Zip is, it is a replacement for Winzip, in fact in my view it is better as it is so much faster, has better compression and best of all it is free (donations are appreciated 🙂 )

So anyway here are a set of icons I created based on a plain zip icon, they are fairly common but slightly different to the base style with the 7z logo (very small) added to them and the compression type across the cabinet in different colours so you can visually see the compression type.

Sorry these are only in ico windows format.

Download Replacement 7-Zip Icons

I edited my 7z.dll file to include them as part of 7-Zip – I used Reshack to do this.  Otherwise just use the inbuilt windows icon replacement function via the file type properties.