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Disconnected my mouse :)

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Yes the title is correct, I have disconnected my mouse as I no longer need it or want it.  Why?

Wacom Bamboo Fun 6 x 9

Wacom Bamboo Fun 6 x 9

I have a new toy, it is something I wanted for quite a while but the dollars have always held me back, and the fact that I did not know how much fun they would be.  So what is it, it is a Wacom Bamboo Fun 6 x 9 graphics tablet (black) and I am just loving it.

I was going to get the intuos3 and while I think that would have been fantastic I think for now my Bamboo has what I need, I actually bought two – one for my better half as well.

It came well packaged and comes with a set of bundled software like Photoshop extended but that was not needed myself as I already have the software I need, but if you don;t well your in for a treat.

I was a little worried how well it would work with my 22″ widescreen LCD but all is really sweet and it works very well.  While I could have got the Intuos3 widescreen version I think (for now) it would have been a little over the top.

I got the 6 x 9’s as I thought the 4 x 6 was a little too small, also the ration of 6 x 9 works better with the wider screen.  The pen feels good and the ability to set pen flicks is truly awesome, makes browsing the web more fun too.  It only took me an hour or so to really get use to the switch from mouse to pen and I can be sure in saying that it will be very difficult if I had to go back to mouse.  The precision available with the pen over the mouse is just something you have to experience yourself, it is just remarkable.

I now use the pen for every aspect of my computer work from general ex-mouse clicks and also of course any detailed graphics work.  Some might say I over use the pen and that I should use the mouse more (the one that came with the Bamboo) but so far I have not needed to 🙂

So may I suggest if you have ever thought of owning a graphics tablet then I can highly recommend the Wacom Bamboo Fun 6 x 9.  If you only need it for mouse related work (general use) then I woudl say it is an over the top purchase, but if your involved with any graphic, phot, web or related work then get one – really – go and get one you wil not be sorry.  Of course if you can aford the Intuos3 or even the other more expensive ones try them also, just keep also in mind your work space.  The 6 x 9 is not much bigger thana regular mouse pad so fits in very nicely.

Just love my Wacom Bamboo Fun – R.I.P. mouse 🙂