Ok a little about me…  please note this sites ink is still a little wet.. little time for my own sites means it is not always in the best shape…

My name is Greg and I live in Western Australia with my family of human and fur kids. I have been actively using the internet since the late 80’s and have been developing web sites since 1995, well earlier but that was more dabbling than developing :).

I always do try and source open source solutions for all my projects be that for myself or a client but I will use a commercial product if the project requires it.

I code just about everything, I love getting my fingers onto the keyboard and delving into the code of HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, however there are times when like in WordPress typing in WYSIWYG editors can be sufficient.

My pet hates on the internet is sites that charge you for things that should be free, such as the sharing of knowledge and information – that in my view is what the internet is for, those so called expert sites that charge a fee to get help and advice that can be found elsewhere freely just really annoy me.

The other one is domain squatting, where domains have been bought solely for link farming – I just wish that could be stopped and then most of the rubbish would be gone from the internet.

I use PC’s mostly with Windows software, more for compatibility and testing.  While the many Linux distros are good I end up more than not using windows – personal choice I guess.  I have used Apple Macs a while back and also have used from time to time a linux box.

OK that’s enough about me, I hope you like my little coner of the web and visit often.