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Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 9:08 am
Suzuki Forums Australia

Suzuki Forums Auatralia

Not that long ago I created a new forum web site for Suzuki owners in Australia.  I created it because at the time there were no Suzuki forums in Australia that I could find, only one that was a US based forum that had one forum board allocated to Australian owners.  While this new site  has been up for a while, posts and people joining has been slow, so I am hoping through this post I may attract a few more to the new Suzuki Forums web site.

My Suzuki Ute

My Suzuki Ute

I bought my first Suzuki which is a Suzuki Maruti ute for use on our farm property and also as a cheap vehicle for small trips into town.  At this stage it is unlicensed and needs some TLC which over the next few months to a year I hope to fix up and eventually have it road licensed. I bought it as an alternative to an ATV ute which can cost $10,000 or more, something I could not justify when the Suzuki ute can do pretty much the same type of work on farm, especially with a larger ute space.  The other bonus will be once licensed it can be used on road as well so it has a dual purpose.  It was also a lot cheaper at a fifth of the price.

If you are a Suzuki owner living In Australia and would like to meet up with or chat with other Australian Suzuki owners then visit my Suzuki Forums Australia web site at http://suzukiforums.com.au/ and become a member today.  To increase its use remember to also ask your friends that own a Suzuki to join also, the more people we get to join the better the forums will be for everyone.

I look forward to chatting with you on the Suzuki Forums Australia web site.



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