The NBN, what are your thoughts?

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 11:12 am

I admit I was initially against the idea of the NBN mainly due to the overall cost and a feeling that the money could be used for much more, for example piping water from the North West to the South West of Western Australia, which would definitely solve our water issues in WA.  Now however I have grown to accept the NBN and now look forward to its installation…. whenever that will be.

Living in a rural location we are listed as not getting fibre to our town, even though another town only 34 kms away is getting fibre.  I made a case for our town to get fibre  to my local shire (Boyup Brook Shire) but I have not seen any action on this at all so it must be of no importance to the shire… well we will see once its installed everywhere else if it is or not.  Even if we were to get fibre in town our own property would still not be getting fibre.  Wireless will be our only option, which is still better than satellite.

Currently we only have access to the Internet via Telstra wireless, which is actually a very reliable service, the only problem however is the quota available every month is very limiting so (as I am sure you have read elsewhere on my blog) we are restricted on how we can use the Internet day by day.

What will the NBN provide as far as wireless is my main question, what speeds and what quota month to month?  Looking at some of the fibre plans already available I am sort of dissapointed at the plans offered and the prices being charged, have a look at Telstra NBN offerings and you will see what I mean.  Based on some of the NBN plans, if I had a choice over ADSL (current plans) and the new fibre plans I most probably would stay on ADSL.  This does not look good for us stuck on wireless, in that I now expect the new NBN Wireless plans to be more expensive and still have low quotas… I guess time will tell.

The other issue hanging over the NBN is the next election.  We all know that the Liberal/National Party (LNP) is going to win, as no one will ever trust Julia Gillard ever again and even if they replaced her it is the same lies with just a different face.  What will the LNP do, will they scale back the NBN, carve it up and do less or what… none of us really know.  As long as they provide better wireless than what Telstra provides with better quota and better prices I will be happy :).

What is my wish for NBN wireless plans, well the speed of course to actually be at least 12mbps as stated by NBN Co and a quota of not less than 40GB’s per month for under $90.  Compare that with our Telstra plan of 15GBs for $99.95 which is too little data for too much money, imho 🙂

So what are your thoughts on the NBN, are you pro or con the NBN and why is that?  Has your thoughts about the NBN changed over the past year?  Will you get fibre or have to reply on wireless or satellite and what is your hoped for or expected plans.


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