Using an open source web solution for your web site? If so donate 1% back

Posted on Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 11:02 am

More and more web sites are using an open source solution that has been developed by 1 or many individuals in their own spare time for little to no money.  The open source community is massive, with many thousands of people contributing daily to further develop existing solutions as well as develop new ones.  Many of these open source solutions are provided freely, without cost of any kind and usually with only a simple request for a small donation if you find the solution is useful to your needs. This is what makes open source so great.However while I think the requests for donations is a good idea I feel that there are too few that actually make a donation to the developers.  Most of all donations received are used to cover web server costs and to assist in providing income to enable the continued development of the solution.  As we all know, a thanks is great, but it does not pay the bills.

There are many open source solutions now available to everyone, from solutions like Joomla, ZenCart, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zenphoto, Galley and many more that are now very mainstream in web site development.  Joomla for example has its own page with install information by Microsoft.  Sites vary from being informational, commercial, community social sites and a lot of other purposes, with many people making quite a lot of money from their web sites that have been developed from an open source solution.

What I would like to propose, and hopefully see become a standard practice, is that for anyone or any business that uses an open source solution that is commercial in nature and/or earns any money via the web site to donate back to the open source solution provider a whole 1% of your monthly income generated.

Why 1%?

1% is quite a small amount for most and will be hardly missed.  The benefit of this is that the size of the donation is related directly to your income, the smaller your income the smaller your donation, the larger the income the greater the donation, either way it is a simple system to follow and it is only 1%.  While it might not seem much (for smaller sites), if more and more do this then that 1% will add up and  it will be greatly appreciated and well used by the open source developers.

Of course this is only a suggestion and is totally voluntary, no one will force you to do any of this and you could also reduce that 1% down if you want to a half or even one quarter of 1%.  The general principle is to get more donations to the developers so that the open source solution can be further developed and supported.

This system also relies on the honour system in that you have to be honest with what you earn in that month and remember to send that donation in each month.

Don’t just dismiss this idea, give it a little thought, imaging if everyone did this, imagine how much better the open source community and open source solutions could be if we all pitched in that little bit extra.

So what do you think?


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