Happy 2011 everyone :)

Posted on Friday, January 7th, 2011 at 10:03 am

Just a quick message to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe 2011.  I hope all your goals set for 2010 were achieved or you have revisited them for placement in your goals for 2011.

So what are my goals for 2011?1. No hospital visits.  Although I suffer with chronic pain daily through chronic pancreatic issues, I would like to have a hospital free year, a year in which I do not need to be rushed to hospital for treatment, a year where we can manage my pain levels at home with early detection of any high level acute attacks, healthy eating, light exercise and thorough pain management with my local Doctor.

2. Spend more time with my kids. By this I mean doing things with them that ‘they want to do’ as much as I can within my own limits due to my illness.  Fishing, play Halo on the Xbox, build a stable for my daughters toy horses… you know all the things that make kids just smile and be happy 🙂

3. Spend more time with kids to help their education by assisting them with their school assignments, homework, reading, maths etc.

4. When possible, on the rare days I have less pain, do a bit more on the property we live to make it more usable and simpler

5. Keep this blog up to date and also our Eagleburra blog more up to date.

6. Help wifey out more where I can

There are lots of other smaller goals but the above 6 are the top of my list… so what is on your list?


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  1. Mark Ereira Says:

    Hi GW
    My sincere best wishes love and regards, to you and your family, I admire and have the greatest regards for your efforts in our fight for fairness and justice for home wireless users.
    I am saddened to hear of your health problems and trust that this new year will treat you more kindly, I turn 70 Feb 11th and I can tell you I am thinking about how fast my journey has been, I have Parkinsons’ Disease, and like yourself I am a fighter, was a Union Rep,lol,
    my wishes for this year are for some justice in our fight for a better data value, whilst 7GB is good for my use, I feel as strong as you do about a lack of choice, and the discrimination, I aggree with all of your valid arguments, and my wish is that this year our fight comes to fruition , sooner rather than later, My kindest regards always, Mark.

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