Browser Advert Blockers, Block All Or Not?

Posted on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Do you use a browser advert blocker?  If you don’t know what they are just Google for adblocker and there will be one available for your web browser.

Myself, well I choose not to use any advert blockers, Why?  Well I look at adverts on the sites that I visit as a way for that web site owner to try and recoup many of the hours of effort spent on providing that web site to me to read and browse through.  Though very little will actually click on any of the adverts the few that do will often help contribute to that web sites ongoing development and maintenance.

I am not saying using Adblockers is bad, quite the opposite, it is a tool that if used properly can be quite effective, but most do not use it that way.  Most users set there adblocker to block all adverts, but I wonder have you ever considered how that web site you are blocking adverts on has been built and how it is being maintained?  Really how much of a nuisance is an advert or two on your screen for those sites?

I am a strong advocate for the sharing for knowledge and information on the internet and I frown on and by-pass any web site that wants you to pay for the information (e.g. Experts Exchange), but I do know that the providing of a web site does come at a cost.  While hosting is getting cheaper and more tools to create web sites are becoming cheaper or even free, the time involved in making a web site (a good one) is often many ongoing hours of effort.  While many do that for the enjoyment the fact still remains that there is a cost.

Advertising on big corporate sites or big business sites is the one good reason for adblockers, as it is these sites that could afford to not have advertising on them.  It is these sites that I would most probably block ads on myself if I was to use an adblocker.  This brings us to the ‘tool’ use of the adblocker software/extension.

Any good browser adblocker will enable you to select sites to show ads on, but do many use it?  Do you enable ads to show on the smaller individual sites you read?  If not then maybe you might want to consider using this option and help those sites remain online, and even better if you can manage a few moments of your time to click on an advert every now and then and help that web site earn a few cents for your visit.

So please if you choose to use an adblocker please use it as it was intended, use it as a tool to block ads from sites that overuse ads and sites that really don’t need the money or advertising on.  Show you care and support for smaller sites and enable adverts to show on those sites and help make the web a better place for everyone and not just the bigger sites and companies.


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