Reflection on the Telstra Responses to Wireless Plan Requests

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 12:21 am

I have had a little time to reflect on the emails I have got and the reply Rebekah has provided and I can’t help but think that I have been served nothing else but lip service. While I cannot confirm this, it would seem from Rebekah’s comments we are still going to be left out, overcharged, undervalued, made to feel unwanted and in no way considered worth being a Telstra customer.

Rebekah says
‘With regard to our wireless plans, I wanted to say that this is a highly competitive market’

I am sorry but this is so wrong that at first I believed it but now I can only think it is a smoke screen. How can it be ‘competitive’ if you are the ONLY supplier that can service us?

You know this and as part of that you charge accordingly with no social fair go for those less fortunate and find it hard to afford the massively overpriced wireless plans. When you look at your sentence, ‘I wanted’ would appear to me that you agree with what I have just said, in that you cannot really say it is fact because it is not. There is no competition, you choose to charge us what you do and you are happy to continue to keep prices high as you know we have little other choice.

Rebekah then says
‘it’s not a good idea for us to disclose strategies relating to any products prior to their release’

So while it is not a good idea, you do not say you cannot release any information. I challenge you to release some details of what you are considering for wireless, unless of course there is no current thinking of changing wireless plans. If you don’t provide any information, we can only take that as being that no wireless plan changes are being discussed now or even in the short to medium term future, as in they will stay as they are for as long as you can milk it for.

Why else would you not provide 256kbps shaping, because you do not want to, you want wireless users to pay high prices, you want wireless customers to pay more for much less, why else would you be doing nothing?

Then Rebekah taunts us by saying
‘I know this might be frustrating but we do continually review the pricing of all products and services’

Which is like saying who cares that you are annoyed and frustrated with us, pay our price or don’t have it kind of attitude. Saying you continually review product and service prices is probably correct, but that would not include wireless. Again I challenge you to prove me wrong and give us some information that suggests otherwise.

Of course we are frustrated, you only need to read my Blog post on my website to know that. My open letter will continue to be used and be sent to the TIO and others… I have yet to decide on how many others I will forward my letter to. Anyone that still wants to add content or make edits to my letter please let me know.

Rebekah then ends her response with;
‘If we do make changes to our pricing we will announce it to you as soon as possible.’

Well of course you will, you have been doing that for ADSL/Cable, but again nothing for wireless. Since January I have been getting the same message, however ADSL/Cable continue to get more and more for less, If you were serious about actually reviewing wireless offerings then it would have been done already.

It has been over eight months that this request for better wireless plans with greater value and quota started and what do we have to show for it, nothing has changed since January and to be honest your words in your reply cannot be trusted as being true that wireless plans are being reviewed. Even if they were my bet would be that the changes would be only minor and of little added value.

I would like to be proven wrong, but I do not think I will be, but you never know… the next few days will see.

In addition while I appreciate the reply from Justin, I again feel that this is just a more detailed response to what Rebekah has provided but has been carefully worded to appear like Telstra is doing something but in fact are not.  Again I would love to be proven wrong.  I still however feel that Justin has attempted to address each of the issues I raised, which is far more than what Rebekah has done.  What I am struggling with is if in fact my requests have actually had any impact or not.


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One Response to “Reflection on the Telstra Responses to Wireless Plan Requests”

  1. Mark Ereira Says:

    I agree 100% with GW and his absolutely informed statements on the feelings of how unfairly discriminated wireless users feel.
    Your arrogant disregard in not replying in a more proffessional, and expeditious way, will always attract angst and allianated feelings, from disenchanted customers, and who you seek to retain, you continue to seek feedback from your customer base, but your lip service will not encourage any loyalty, and your ability to retain both future market potential, when you may fail to keep your current customers happy.

    Regards, a current customer with three Telstra products. Mark Ereira.

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