Telstra discriminates against rural and wireless users – again!

Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Today Telstra has released a raft of new plans for bundling your broadband, telephone and even your TV.  You can also get a new Telstra T-Box and/or a T-hub which on looking at the plans are a welcome change for Telstra and Bigpond when it comes to value for service.  What is so great also is the increased quota that assists families to enjoy the ever growing rich Internet environment at full speed with 100 and 200GB plans as part of the bundles.


If you are in a rural location that cannot get ADSL or Cable, or if you are in any location where you cannot get ADSL or Cable then you miss out.  The new plans are only for ADSL and Cable customers, so if you cannot get ADSL or Cable you get nothing and are stuck on the high priced and low quota wireless or even satellite plans.  As far as I am concerned this is basic discrimination.

Why can ADSL and Cable users enjoy the full benefits of the Internet while wireless users cannot?

If you want to read more about the new plans have a look here –

If you are sick and tired of being discriminated against and want to have your voice heard then please sign our petition here – – and maybe something can be done to improve services for wireless users.  Also if you can write a letter to your member of parliament and ask them to help you get what you deserve, and that is better value for all not just ADSL and Cable users.

Roll on the NBN!



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