Tree Change Part 2 – Selecting the location

Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 at 7:57 am

If you read my first part on Sea/Tree change you will know that we went through the process of ensuring we were going to make the right choice, and as part of that choice we involved the whole family in the discussion.

The second part of our Tree Change (note no longer Sea/Tree change as we were moving to the country) was to identify where we would like to live, this involved;

  • identifying what climate we wanted to live in
  • what rough area/location we wanted to live in
  • the rainfall in the area/location
  • the schools in the area/location
  • the services, hospitals and other amenities in the area/location
  • distance from family and friends
  • location from which a business could be run

These main factors gave us a starting point to work from, we were not looking for an actually property at this point but rather a location we will be comfortable in and do wish to live.  We already knew we wanted to live in the South West of Western Australia (WA) as we preferred the cooler temperatures and cooler nights than what we have now.  We wrote to and research schools in the South West of WA and listed the services and amenities each location had.  One vital component was a local hospital due to my own ongoing ill health.  We made a map of the South West of WA and shaded the annual rainfall areas in on the map and then selected a point we considered central to where we wanted to go and then drew a circle around that to idenity possible town sites we can take a look at as possible locations to move to.  We did not want to live on the coast and we did not want to go too far south or too far east so it was a central location we selected to start from.

Map of the South West of Western Australia

Map of the South West of WA

Area selected=

This gave us the starting point and so we then started to go out for a drive each weekend to look at possible locations.  As can be seen by the larger map, this was some 250 odd kilometres away from Perth so it was a day trip each time as we drove into a town and then ventured out from the town to have a look around at the land.

We quickly decided we did not want to live close to the main highway (South West Highway) as the amount of traffic was too high for our liking.  We also wanted to make sure the house that was on the property was complete and was not too old and needed little to no work.  With water also being an issue, as in most places there is a dependancy on water tanks for water, we also had to make sure the selected property had plenty of access to water.  The property had to have some acreage but not too much, neither of us want to be farmers but we would like to have room for a few animals such as horses, sheep and maybe even a few cattle.

Our driving around the areas soon made us feel we really did want to make the tree change and the kids also loved the areas we visited.  Each location we visited we marked down what was good and bad and then afterwards contacted local services such as schools to get more information about what was and what was not available.  The main issue for schools was the year 11 and 12 at high school as most high/middle schools in nearly all towns only went to year 10 and then the kids had to go to another school for year 11 and 12.  During our extensive research it was decided that Manjimup Senior High School will be the preferred school for our kids for year 11 and 12 due to the fantastic reputation and school record.  We then had to make sure where the bus service would go to so our kids could go to that school, this then reduced our range a little more which started to make the choice of possible living locations easier.

After several weeks of driving around we came across Boyup Brook, it was a little east of where I was thinking but we quickly felt this was a great location to live in, and it was on a second visit to the area we located a possible property to buy.  It was by chance the owners of the property noticed us looking at the property and invited us onto the property to take a look around.  It was 33 acres, had a tidy renovated home placed on top of the hill with magnificant views all around, plenty of water from an underground spring, massive dam, and council approval for chalets to be built on the property if you wanted to start a holiday style business, it was easy at that time to feel this would be the place for us.

To ensure the children liked Boyup Brook we took them out of school for a day and went back to Boyup Brook and showed them around the area and past the property we liked.  We drove around the adjacent areas, past the schools, the swimming pools, the sporting areas and so on and stopped and had lunch.  They like us felt a connection here.

We then went about arranging to visit the schools on the next visit to take the kids through and have a look at the schools.  This happened a few weeks later and the schools were quiet, small class sizes and the staff very pleasant and happy.  It was something our kids noticed as well as they commented on how happy everyone looked, teachers and kids.  Asking our kids later could they see themselves going to school there they said yes and this sealed it for us as this was our location of choice.

You may have noted that the above is written in past tense, this is because we are already living in Boyup Brook, I just had not made a post for quite some time (refer to my last post).  I will make another part of our Tree change soon, so bookmark my site now and come back soon.


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  1. Albert Says:

    I was in Orange recently and found it to be a very viable tree change location and have published a guide for my readers. You can read it in the link below. Cheers

  2. kim Says:

    i chose my place in the south west 9 years ago – i have it on the market now though as we go to downsize – you can check it out at this link:
    it is a lovely place – most unusual.

  3. kim Says:

    hello, i used the nark software attached to to track back from a hit on my document there. …and i arrived here.
    Boyup Brook, is not too far away.

    i checked out your articles and find we think similar on certain things….i have just blown any likely sale of my place by putting the $100 K I had taken off of it ( to meet the market), back on….and calling it the 2012 premium….chuckle….

    i pisses me off to think someone could just buy cheaply what we put so much into… the end, i’m the only one who gets to decide the value of my place,,,,,and i decide it is a $385k proposition and not less.

    Boyup Brook
    (who are you? – you could PM me this info at the Permaforum, but i suspect i won’t be there too much….you do have my email address because it was on the document….give me a g’day if you like


  4. There is Says:

    Thanks a lot for this great post. I seriously like the website and decided that I’d let you know! 😀 Thanks, There is

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