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Tree Change Part 2 – Selecting the location

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

If you read my first part on Sea/Tree change you will know that we went through the process of ensuring we were going to make the right choice, and as part of that choice we involved the whole family in the discussion.

The second part of our Tree Change (note no longer Sea/Tree change as we were moving to the country) was to identify where we would like to live, this involved;

  • identifying what climate we wanted to live in
  • what rough area/location we wanted to live in
  • the rainfall in the area/location
  • the schools in the area/location
  • the services, hospitals and other amenities in the area/location
  • distance from family and friends
  • location from which a business could be run



Sorry I have been away ill for a while…

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

For anyone that frequents my site and is wondering why the site has not been updated for a while, it is simply because my ongoing illness often stops me from doing a lot of things and there have been other things occupying my time.  However I want to keep this site up and running and will be trying to make more frequent posts as I can with posts being created over several days.