Replacement Icons for 7-zip (ver 2)

Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2009 at 12:19 pm

I have had quite a few people wanting to use the icons I put together to replace the default awful looking 7-zip ones with many requests for the dll for the 64-bit version.Β  Instead of trying to keep pace with the 7-zip updates what I have now done is simple created the icons and added a file to change the registry entries for the links to each icon that 7-zip uses.

The icons are simply ‘ico’ files within an icon folder, of which after you have installed 7-zip you copy the ‘icon’ folder to your 7-zip install folder, for example c:/Program Files/7-zip/ and then run/open the registry file in the archived linked below (you may need to confirm as an admin user to do this).Β  To show the new icons simply log-off your windows account, log back in and presto your icons are now a little nicer than the default ones πŸ™‚

Feel free to share the zip file below, any link backs are very much appreciated πŸ™‚

7zip Replacement Icons

7zip Replacement Icons

7z Download the replacement icons


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23 Responses to “Replacement Icons for 7-zip (ver 2)”

  1. ovip Says:

    Thanks for your icon pack
    I’ll make good use of it.

  2. Ben Says:

    These are awesome. You’re missing icons for .001 (split archives), .lha, .swm, .taz, .tbz, .tbz2, and .tpz, plus .bz2 and .gz, but those are just renamed .bzip2 and .gzip. Looks like you have a good template to work from so it probably wouldn’t be too much to get those in there as well. These are by far the best icons I’ve found for the 7-zip filetypes though.

  3. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, yes the template is easy to use, I will get cracking on an updated set with the ones you have listed soon πŸ™‚


  4. ThumpieBunnyEve Says:

    7z Icons, PSDs?

    Hello, i was hoping to speak to you about the PSD files, or similar files, you used to make your icon sets for 7Zip. My pc’s icon theme is a little different, revolving around a black and polished sort of effect that your one “Cab” icon reflects in it’s button background. I would like to color the cabinet and c-clamp to match a dark theme similar to that mirror polished black effect. I can see you used some alpha-transparency, shadowing, and gradients, which are not easy for me to reproduce. So I’m hoping you could send me a copy of the PSD or whatever layered file type you used to generate these icons. I’d of course send you back the icon set i come up with, so that you could offer it to others as your own. I’d just like the chance to work on something pre-made, rather then having to start from scratch. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    EDIT – I have removed your email addy

  5. Ken Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the great work on those icons, I would love to use them, but I am not sure they will
    work on windows 7 x64 ultimate edition .. is it safe to apply that reg file when in windows 7 x64 ?

    thanks again for sharing these πŸ™‚

    have a good one

  6. Derick English Says:

    Great post, newspaper will have to change and get with the online media revilution or die. It will be a difficult transition for some but an opportunity for othere.

  7. Greg Says:

    I have used them fine with Win 7 Ultimate, no issues known.

  8. Greg Says:

    Sorry, the file I work with is an ico file not a psd file.

  9. Angie Says:

    How can I use it with Win7 32 bit?

  10. Greg Says:

    It should work with both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

  11. duncop Says:

    Thanks! 7-Zip ugly icons are no more! Maybe they’ll do something to that UI next. This is a start though, thanks again!

    On x64, if 7zip gets installed to the Program Files (x86) folder – i don’t know if it does – just change the relevant links in the .reg file with notepad.

  12. Yogal Says:

    Doesn’t work with the newest version 9.11

  13. Ueli Says:

    Do I have to change the *.reg-file entries to Install-Dir of 7zip on my german Win7 Ultimate?
    I have installed 7zip to the visible path “C:\Programme\Tools\System\7zip” but on my NTFS it is stored to
    “C:\Program Files\Tools\System\7zip\”

    Which one should I use for the reg-file?
    @=”C:\\Program Files\\Tools\\System\\7-Zip\\icons\\cab.ico”

  14. Ueli Says:

    If I use the MATCHING pathname like
    @=”C:\\Program Files\\Tools\\System\\7Zip\\icons\\cab.ico”
    without the “-” in 7Zip it works fine! (After a restart or logoff/logon).

    The Icons looks really nice. Just in the smallest display size of the explorer (“Kleine Symbole” / “Small Symbols”) you can’t see/read the difference from the various filetypes. Of course, you can see the different colors, but not the text in the colorbar.

    You can see what I mean in this small collection:

    My actual screen resolution is 2048×1152 / 23″ 16:9

  15. Greg Says:

    Yes the path will need to be changed if it is different. My install is still 4.65, I will look at updating the reg file to look for the correct path in an update soon. cheers for the feedback

  16. Greg Says:

    OK, thanks for letting me know, I will get 9.11 later and then look at doing an update soon. I have a few more icons to make as I have been advised there are still a few missing. So version 3 will soon be out πŸ™‚

  17. Greg Says:

    I have tested the latest version 9.15 and it works fine, I am about to upload a new version with a few more new icons, please download that new file and read the README file as there are two options for the reg file based on user comments.

  18. Bakr Says:

    Thanks you so much man it worked perfectly with version 9.15 .

  19. Bakr Says:

    Thank you so much it worked perfectly with version 9.15 .

  20. Steve Says:

    If you’re having problems, it might be possible you installed 7-zip in another directory (instead of C:/Program Files). In this case, open the registry file in Notepad, and edit the entries manually, so instead of the default directory, it lists the directory where 7-zip is actually installed.

  21. Ben Says:

    I can’t get the icons to works when viewing files as small icons (details, lists ect), Did I do something wrong

  22. Bruno Says:

    Hi there, theres a cool package for 7-Zip icons called 7-Zip FK.
    It has an aero look and feel to blend with Windows Visa or Windows 7.

    7-Zip 9.20 FK by fukayama-couple on deviantART

  23. Greg Says:

    Thanks for that and yes they are very nicely done and I hope that the 7Zip team request to use them as the default icons. Good to see an alternative, I still prefer mine as they have individual styles for each file type but either way a great find and thanks for sharing it here. I have edited my post of my version 3 set to include a link to them for others to see and use if they prefer them.

    Again thanks for sharing

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