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New Camera Forums website

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Well it was something in the planning for quite some time, saying should I or shouldn’t I but in the end I did it and I am happy to announce the release of

While it might seem like your normal run of the mill forum site this site has been developed by me to fill a need.  By that I mean it is targeted more to the Aussie user, but it is by no means restricted only to Australians.  Anyone from anywhere is welcome to come along and make themselves a member and chat about everything related to cameras.

Rather than focus on one type of camera I have made it cover cameras of all types and styles and uses.  From the older film cameras to the more current digital, from the point and shoot all the way up to the Digital SLR range of cameras.  It also covers camcorders and other video camera types such as web cams and security cameras.  Basically if it is camera related then this is the forums for it.

The forums however will only be successful if they are used so what are you waiting for go and create an account and help me make them useful for everyone 🙂

I will also be allowing store owners to make posts about their services and supplies and hope to soon have a discount system in place where members will be able to get a discount from the stores that do post on the forums – more on that soon 🙂

So anyway hope you like the new forums and find them useful and as always any feedback is always helpful 🙂