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Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 at 6:45 pm

On a recent project I had to make the first step of contracting part of a project I am working on to a third party.  While I had contracted work out to third parties in a previous employed 9 to 5 job, I had not considered doing the same now that I was out on my own so I was a little hesitant. The job was graphic design and while my graphics work is quite good I have my limits.  It also needed to be incorporated into a Flash format with all the bells and whistles.

Using my online community friends as a reference I was directed to Elance.  This was suggested to me as it would attract freelance operators world wide thus giving me a greater and wider selection of possible freelance workers. So far all is sounding really good.

elance.comOn the Elance website I had a look around at both the projects currently available and also several providers and had a look at their work.  All reports were good and there is an escrow service if required which was comforting. (If your looking for work as a Freelance operator – try Elance 🙂 )

I developed my story boards and specifications of the required work with enough detail to enable those interested to provide me an example of their work based loosely on those requirements.  I became a member of Elance, posted my project and set a 5 day schedule.  Within a few hours I had a few bids which was great as it enabled me to have a look at their work well before hand.

The five days passed and I then reviewed each bidder (9 in all) and then shortlisted to the two that I felt addresses my specific requirements and their portfolio was of high quality.  I also had three that were nothing even remotely related to my project so they got the flick straight away.  In my view if a person cannot read and follow a specification they do not deserve the work.

For the two shortlisted freelancers I asked for a rough example of what they can do and within 24 hours had both to select from and I ended up selecting a guy from the UK.

We then via the Elance system confirmed requirements, set timelines, set work detail with detailed scope and agreed on the final price quoted and I paid a 1/3 deposit up front (that is fair as I do the same for any work I do).

I then got on with the rest of the project and other work and within two days I had a first draft and the work was excellent.  I can’t share the work yet as it was still ongoing but I can say that over the last few weeks this process has been very encouraging and I therefore have no hesitation to recommend if you have a project that has elements out of your own skill level or simply have little time for, then why not outsource those parts and source your freelance workers from Elance.

Being a past Project Manager myself for a number of years I found this quite easy to manage and I am looking forward to using the Elance site again for other projects.

BTW I have no connection with or any benefit to gain personally or commercially in recommending Elance.


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  1. Sophia Says:

    I liked your post.I have some personal views for freelancing and e lancing.

    I think that “if you are not confident that you can do this, than it’s better to hire people who have expertise in that field”. From last 1-2 decades the % of outsourcing or hiring people has tremendously increased. and i have done same thing. For last few months i was working on the concept of “hiring people”.As our organization have some projects in hand and we don’t want to loss them because of lack of skilled employees.And the question is “HOW TO HIRE”? as far as i know there are two basic and trendy ways to hire virtual employees

    1. Freelancers/Bidding sites
    2. Job sites

    But i have selected different path.i mean to say that i haven’t go through the freelancers or any bidding site.i preferred to search directly a good and reliable virtual service providing companies. The actual reason behind this is “searching and selecting freelancers or bidding site is quite time consuming”. And after placing your requisite over there it will definitely take around 1-2 months to get the required virtual employees. it means that over all process will might take 2-3 months.

    And the bottom line is wastage of time as well as money.
    So, i moved to marketraise ( virtual service providing company. And i am fully satisfied with there services. so i will suggest you all to carefully hire the people for virtual services along with keeping in mind the most important factors “time and money”.


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