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Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 at 12:03 pm

If you have been reading any of the Internet or web developer or similar forums you may have come across several posts in relation to AVG’s linkscanner found in its latest Free and Paid products.

If you are not aware of the issue here is a quick summary 🙂

One of the components of the version 8.x of AVG is called LinkScanner and what is does (or did) was follow links from search results via Google and other search engines and visited those sites and checked the pages for any malicious content.  The problem is that it did this even if you did not intend to go to those sites and as a result slowed down your Internet experience and added to your download bandwidth without you even knowing.  It also caused web statistics of the sites it checked to record the visits and as a result this caused massive incorrect analytical data as the pages were in fact not being visited.

While the best intentions were their to protect you from any possible malicious web sites (which is good) it had a negative effect on your browsing and bandwidth.  There were many suggestions that your should change your Virus Scanner to other products and while that may have been fine for some others that have either already paid for AVG or did not have the know how to change were sort of stuck with AVG.

Hey me for one, I have the knowledge to change my Virus Scanner but I went with and bought a 3 licensed copy of AVG based on positive feedback on the forums I often read some several months back.  I am also very happy with AVG with exception to the Linkscanner which I disabled anyway.

Fortunately with the volume of users on Whirlpool and other like forums AVG has accepted the issue as not ideal and is now about to release an update on the 9th July that will change Linkscanner to only scan those pages you will actually visit, just prior to it loading.  This will result in a slightly slower connect to the site your wanting to visit as I assume it has to be checked first but it is better to be safe than sorry,  Actual performance of the new Linkscanner is still to be determined but if it is still causing grief you can still deactivate it if you want.

So great power to the people and it is good to see Grisoft accept it and take action to resolve the issue.


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