Jan 7

Using an open source web solution for your web site? If so donate 1% back

More and more web sites are using an open source solution that has been developed by 1 or many individuals in their own spare time for little to no money.  The open source community is massive, with many thousands of people contributing daily to further develop existing solutions as well as develop new ones.  Many of these open source solutions are provided freely, without cost of any kind and usually with only a simple request for a small donation if you find the solution is useful to your needs. This is what makes open source so great. Read the rest of this post »

Jan 7

Happy 2011 everyone :)

Just a quick message to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe 2011.  I hope all your goals set for 2010 were achieved or you have revisited them for placement in your goals for 2011.

So what are my goals for 2011? Read the rest of this post »

Nov 12

An end to my requests for better wireless plans from Bigpond/Telstra

End of discussion about wireless quotasFor those that have followed my quest for better value and better quota plans for wireless broadband users of Bigpond (Telstra) you will know I have been quite persistent with my quest.  Today however I must end this quest, not solely for the fact that I am getting nowhere but also that the stress and frustrations with it all is not helping my continued and increasing ill health. Read the rest of this post »

Oct 20

New Telstra/Bigpond Mobile/Wireless Plans Remain Unfair

Wanted is a fair deal for all broadband usersWith the Government in talks to get the National Broadband Network (NBN) up and running, The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was today quoted in an article on news.com.au as saying to the Liberal National Party (LNP) to ‘not delay and cause extra days of higher prices and less choice, particularly for those Australians who live in our regions.  Further on Senator Conroy is also quoted as saying ‘They (the LNP) are wilfully delaying millions of Australians from getting a fairer deal on broadband and telecommunications services’.  The full article can be read on the news.com.au web site.

These comments add to the whole argument I have been having for a fairer deal for those people that are stuck on wireless broadband with no other ISP available and no fixed line connection possible.

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Oct 18

Telstra/Bigpond Releases New Mobile Broadband Plans

New Telstra/Bigpond Mobile PlansToday Telstra launched a new set of plans that were expected to be for wireless connections. However instead of releasing a set of ‘wireless’ plans they have chosen to rename them to ‘Mobile Broadband’ in place of ‘Wireless Broadband’. I can only assume this has been done to distinguish what is a fixed connection and what is a mobile connection, which is actually a great idea.

However what they have not done is realise that many that used a wireless connection prior to these new plans, were using them as a home connection and not for mobile purposes. This now leaves those people with a gap of no plans that now suit them. These people are not able to get a fixed line connection but they do want a fixed home connection and not a mobile connection, so Mobile Broadband is also not suitable for them. So what will Telstra do now for that group of users? I fear nothing as they refuse to consider that many users of the previous wireless broadband used it for a home connection and not for mobile purposes.

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Oct 18

The Wearing of a Helmet, Balaclava or Burqa Veil in public

news.com.au story on the wearing of balaclavaI came across an interesting news article this morning on news.com.au that was titled ‘Balaclavas welcome at Parliament House‘. The articles contents basically highlighted the equality issues in relation to the wearing of head wear such as hats and burqas and how some were asked to remove some forms of head wear but others not. Then on questioning the appropriate officer they advised they had now advised all security staff to allow anyone with any head wear such as a balaclava entry without having to remove them. This was to ensure equality for everyone and also that there was no need to know the ‘identitiy’ of the person, unless they were suspicious of doing something wrong, which is fair enough, but did that apply to people wearing the burqa veil as well?

This news story highlights an issue I have had for a very long time and that is the wearing of any head wear that conceals a persons identity, and by this I mean all forms of head wear.

If you go to a bank, shopping centre and many other places in Australia you will often notice a sticker or sign on the wall or window saying that you must remove all head wear such as helmets, but this does not include the burqa veil as these can be worn inside these places without question, even though in most cases many are uncomfortable with them.  Not because of who or what the person is or where they came from but  the fact you cannot recognise the person behind the veil and it is quite normal to feel uneasy and not be sure what else is being concealed.

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Oct 16

Browser Advert Blockers, Block All Or Not?

Do you use a browser advert blocker?  If you don’t know what they are just Google for adblocker and there will be one available for your web browser.

Myself, well I choose not to use any advert blockers, Why?  Well I look at adverts on the sites that I visit as a way for that web site owner to try and recoup many of the hours of effort spent on providing that web site to me to read and browse through.  Though very little will actually click on any of the adverts the few that do will often help contribute to that web sites ongoing development and maintenance.

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Sep 10

Reflection on the Telstra Responses to Wireless Plan Requests

I have had a little time to reflect on the emails I have got and the reply Rebekah has provided and I can’t help but think that I have been served nothing else but lip service. While I cannot confirm this, it would seem from Rebekah’s comments we are still going to be left out, overcharged, undervalued, made to feel unwanted and in no way considered worth being a Telstra customer.

Rebekah says
‘With regard to our wireless plans, I wanted to say that this is a highly competitive market’

I am sorry but this is so wrong that at first I believed it but now I can only think it is a smoke screen. How can it be ‘competitive’ if you are the ONLY supplier that can service us?

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Sep 9

Telstra Reply to My Wireless Plan Requests

This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to finally get a formal reply from Telstra in relation to my requests for better value and higher quota wireless plans.  While the reply does not provide any new plans or added quota it is at least a step in the right direction by at least getting a quite detailed reply.  I felt it was only fair to add the reply to my web site so others could read it and so there is a reply to my other posts.  I have also received permission to reproduce this response directly from Telstra. Read the rest of this post »

Sep 9

An open letter to Telstra, the TIO and others

For anyone that has been following my blog and/or my comments on Telstra Exchange you will have noted I have exhausted just about every means I can think of to get an official response from Telstra/Bigpond on why wireless users are being treated as second rate customers and of little value to Telstra/Bigpond.  My draft letter is the following, if anyone wants to edit or add to my letter please add your comments before the 12 September. Read the rest of this post »