Update on my quest for a fairer Telstra/Bigpond wireless plan

Posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 9:18 am

Hi all just thought I would give an update on my quest for a fairer deal for wireless home users.

I know I was going to end my quest for better value for wireless users but it is very hard to do when every month you are shaped while those on a wired connection continue to have full speed all of the time.

There was a planned telephone conference between Rebekah, Anthea and myself just over a week ago but due to my own illness that had to be cancelled.  In the end An email communication commenced with my specific questions being asked which have all been asked before on these comment pages, though for those not up to speed they were (in summary);

  1. Why is wireless limited to only 12GB? Could there be an increase in shaping speed?
  2. Why can mobile wireless get 12GB data packs for $69 when I have t pay $89 for home wireless?
  3. Why are there no bundling options available for wireless users
  4. Tower upgrades, not only are we on a low 12GB quota but our local tower is still limited to 3.6mbps, when will it be upgraded.

The reply was very much the same as I got late last year, that being (in summary);

  1. Telstra is aware some customers require additional quota but no current plans to lift the wireless plans any further than the recent 10GB to 12GB, being said due to significant cost to provide wireless.  No increase in shaping speed is currently being looked at.
  2. We get our $20 discount on our phone line, so no discount on the wireless.
  3. No bundle options for wireless and no current plans to be
  4. They will need to look into it.

So what does that mean for us and other wireless users?

  1. We are stuck with what we have and have to put up with the shaping speed of 64kbps.  I have further replied asking if Rebekah and Anthea have ever tried recently to survive on just a wireless only account and also to use the internet at 64kbps, so far no reply as yet.
  2. We are stuck paying $89 per month for our 12GB, which I feel is wrong but Telstra are not going to budge on this one.  Just for the record we have wireless, 3 x mobile phones, Foxtel and homeline all on a single bill, is that not enough?
  3. Was basically a too bad response and tough luck from where I see it.
  4. I have already spoken with Telstra technicians a number of times before and there are no plans to upgrade our local tower, 3.6mbps in 2011, that is pathetic.

So what now?  Well I have further replied to Rebekah and Anthea asking for a little more information and as I said to ask if they rely on wireless for their internet and have they tried to use the internet at 64kbps.  As at posting this no reply has been received so I am still waiting.

At the end of the day what I have been asking for I still feel is not over the top or asking for too much.

  1. 12Gb is not enough for a family, 25GB would be a great improvement
  2. If more than 12GB cannot be provided then how about a shaping speed increase to 256kbps like the top adsl/cable plans, why is that not possible?
  3. If mobile users can buy data packs of 12GB at $69 then we should also only be paying $69.
  4. If data pack add-ons are available for mobile users then why can’t we as home users buy these add-on data packs?  Not that we should need to though.
  5. Why are there still no bundling options for wireless users, we have multiple products like adsl/cable users and they get a good saving for multiple products so why not us as well?
  6. With the recent news that 4G is being rolled out it would be nice to get a decent 3G tower, I mean even 7.2 would be better but really 21mbps should be provided.  Again those that already have the fast wireless will be given another faster option via 4G, while those on slower connections will remain that way….. why?

So anyway that is where we are at for the moment, we will see if I get a response and hopefully it will be timely and not just forgotten

cheers all


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9 Responses to “Update on my quest for a fairer Telstra/Bigpond wireless plan”

  1. Hungbytelstraswire Says:

    Thx for your time posting this information, Tony Abbott spoke of great things about wireless before he got the door slammed in his face. Thank you Australia for supporting the NBN and Julia… although I think she can do something to help us in the Rural areas in regards to communications and the lack there of..

    Talk about usage, and I will talk about speeds. Thats right speeds are my major issue. I get about 8-30kb/s from 3pm-10pm AEST… not limitted to these times of course because its congestion. Only one could pray these problems would resolve, but currently I would need a few nukes and a bomb shelter. Seriously.

    Telstra have told me they cannot guarentee more ports for ADSL in my area without a tower upgrade, and as to congestion in my area… the tower needs to be upgraded and they cannot confirm a date when my tower will be upgraded. Maybe in a year, or two years max is their reply. But tbh, I do not know who to believe anymore.

    I have 2 wireless service plans, because I went thru the TIO and talked with a case business manager from Telstra about my ordeals. They upgraded my antenna, gave me another 7gb service for 1 year free, and a new modem for that additional service. So I reduced my 12gb plan to 2x7gb… which at the end of the day will cost the same when you look at the big picture:

    $89×24 months= $2136

    The only difference… is I got a new modem and can access the internet without interference from my wife during the hours of 3pm-10pm, and on weekends. And during that time… we both still get around 20kb/s max download speeds.

    Anyways…. Truth be told… I am still unhappy with my services considering the only thing Telstra really did for me was gave me twice as fast connection as before… which was seriously lacking to begin with.

    Anyways… maybe I will contact the case business manager again and tell him I think they could do a bit better… will see once they discount my bill of this new modem and service…

    The only thing they could do for me was… cancel my service leaving me with no other options to connect to the internet.

  2. Greg Says:

    I feel for you and fully understand your issues. 20kb/s is not enough, I thought they had a requirement to provide a minimum of 512kbps to be provided? Having two wireless plans is fine but it would be better to have the one plan and then share it via a switch/router. If I was you I would also check every month your bill thoroughly as any account that is out of the ordinary usually ends up with errors. During the last 15 months of bills, i.e. 15 bills only 4 have been correct for us, so again do not trust that their billing system is correct.

    My advice keep hassling Telstra to fix the issue, write also to the CEO and keep resending letters/emails weekly until it is resolved.

    I hope things get sorted for you soon, cheers


  3. Sick of Telstra's Excuses Says:

    I also feel your pain, I live in regional WA and Telstra does offer the best wireless speed where I live however their data allowances are terrible. My family could easily use up our 2x 12GB wireless allowance’s in less than two weeks…. and we have. We have a combined minimum monthly spend of at least $436 and our bill is typically $500+ with home phone usage.

    It goes without saying that Telstra is the least competitive Telco when it comes to data rates (especially wireless)
    Which is why when we move to the City next year we will be scraping everything with Telstra and moving to a more competitive carrier. If I was to move all of my services to Optus for example we would get away with paying at least $150 less per month! I would never choose Telstra in the City, It would be like throwing money down the drain.

    I know that Telstra won’t miss my business but I will make sure that none of my family or friends connect/ re-contract with them unless there is no other option.

  4. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the comments, if you are moving back to the city consider other alternatives than Optus as well, I mean you could do much better with Internode or iiNet.



  5. Gatorade Says:

    Stop wasting your time.

    All the big telstra heads only care about going around tapping top international strange. They DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR PIDDLY LITTLE QUOTA ISSUES.

    Telstra will NOT listen to it’s customers, because it’s a company which is HIGHLY independent of its CUSTOMERS, and dependent on it’s infrastructure which they own nearly ALL of and you MUST use it, regardless of how you feel or what you think about the service.

    They know they will get your money, regardless of whether you are satisfied or not.

    Go on, cancel the service, dare you… then what?


  6. Greg Says:

    While I agree with what you are saying about not getting anywhere I do believe my actions are doing something that is positive. Whilst that has not been seen yet I do know through my communications with relevant Telstra Directors that they know what is needed and that is better than not knowing.



  7. Ethan Says:

    Only if they actually worked on Long Range ADSL for us people out there who cant get current-gen ADSL services, once they realised nextG was a big money spinner, they ditched the research for ADSL extension above 5km’s.. How very very poor.. i now have to use nextG and where i am ill thankfully say its good *until peak time of the year which is the ski season being the tower on the snow-fields* but for the family over a month and people connecting to it 2-3 times at a go 12gb lasts a maximum of 2weeks.. Is it even so hard just to up the capped rates? but 25gb wouldnt go astray bigpond.. come on.

  8. Tarrick Says:

    At the moment im on 12gb a month and its not close to being enough back when i could get adsl i was on 25gb a month and never went over, now if i just browse, use you tube etc i go over before the end of the month. I have been calling up and getting usage added on but the most they can do is 1.5gb. I just dont get why wireless plans cant be the pretty much the same as adsl.

  9. Greg Says:


    It cannot be the same as ADSL as wireless is a finite resource whereas ADSL is not. For example with ADSL the only limitation is the number of ports in the Telstra exchange, so if they have 1000 ports available then up to 1000 people can connect to that exchange via ADSL and they will all get the full speed capable for them depending on how far they are from the exchange. Regardless of is all 1000 are in use or only 1 is in use the connection speed will remain the same. Wireless however is affected by the number of people connected. If the wireless tower is able to provide 21mbps for each cell, that cell is then divided up between the number of users connected to that cell, so if 21 are connected to it they all get a share of 21 divided by 21 so the maximum they will get is 1mbps, or close to it depending on what action is being done on the cell at the same time, for instance even if 21 are connected if only 1 is actually using the net they will get a burst or higher connection as at that time they are the ones access the net,

    Now if they had ADSL like quotas then the wireless connection would be hammered daily with downloads and more downloads which would bring the wireless service to its knees. So like for like with ADSL is not what I have asked for nor should it be provided. However an increase to 30GB would not be a major congestion issue from my view point.

    The problem we have today with congestion is not the families connecting to wireless from home connections, but rather the hordes of new users connecting daily with smart devices, iphones, android devices and so on.

    Hope that helps you understand the wireless vs adsl 🙂

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