Telstra/Bigpond Releases New Mobile Broadband Plans

Posted on Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 9:53 am

New Telstra/Bigpond Mobile PlansToday Telstra launched a new set of plans that were expected to be for wireless connections. However instead of releasing a set of ‘wireless’ plans they have chosen to rename them to ‘Mobile Broadband’ in place of ‘Wireless Broadband’. I can only assume this has been done to distinguish what is a fixed connection and what is a mobile connection, which is actually a great idea.

However what they have not done is realise that many that used a wireless connection prior to these new plans, were using them as a home connection and not for mobile purposes. This now leaves those people with a gap of no plans that now suit them. These people are not able to get a fixed line connection but they do want a fixed home connection and not a mobile connection, so Mobile Broadband is also not suitable for them. So what will Telstra do now for that group of users? I fear nothing as they refuse to consider that many users of the previous wireless broadband used it for a home connection and not for mobile purposes.

The plans themselves if they are for mobile only purposes are an added bonus of 2GB (for the top plan) and a reduction in price. This is a great result for those that want and need internet access on the go as a secondary internet connection. However if the new plans are also meant to cover those on a fixed wireless connection as a primary connection then the new plans fall massively short of what needed to be provided.

Only the top two plans had a quota adjustment that was an increase from 6GB to 7GB for the second highest plan and the top plan from 10GB to 12GB. Along with that there was a price adjustment for the top three plans to more affordable prices, with further discounts for multiple product and single bill discounts. While these discounts are welcome there is a need for more quota if this is also to be used for fixed home connections.

Telstra again seems to have missed an opportunity to lead rather than react to the market, it would seem that the Executive on the Telstra pay roll do not have the stomach to be leaders, preferring to stay at the back of the pack and be dragged along. This is a disappointment as Telstra as big as they are were marketing themselves as going to be more aggressive, as was advised by their CEO David Thodey, however little of this has yet been seen and we can only assume that what David says is not what he means.


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