New Telstra/Bigpond Mobile/Wireless Plans Remain Unfair

Posted on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 11:05 am

Wanted is a fair deal for all broadband usersWith the Government in talks to get the National Broadband Network (NBN) up and running, The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was today quoted in an article on as saying to the Liberal National Party (LNP) to ‘not delay and cause extra days of higher prices and less choice, particularly for those Australians who live in our regions.  Further on Senator Conroy is also quoted as saying ‘They (the LNP) are wilfully delaying millions of Australians from getting a fairer deal on broadband and telecommunications services’.  The full article can be read on the web site.

These comments add to the whole argument I have been having for a fairer deal for those people that are stuck on wireless broadband with no other ISP available and no fixed line connection possible.

In addition I have this morning received a phone call from Telstra Billing in relation to another email I have sent to Telstra about the new plans and the quotas provided in the new plans.  As part of that discussion the Telstra Customer Service person agreed that 12GB is not a sufficient quota for a family, especially when there is teenagers.  The advice was to wait for the NBN, which to me was simply to say that Telstra are not going to help those in need for more quota.

Another comment was also made by the Customer Service person at Telstra that wireless could not handle more than 12GB quotas, however on questioning them on that and giving an example of what is the difference in providing 10 people with 3GB plans versus one with a 20GB plan and he agreed it is not a limitation of the system or hardware just a limitation applied by Telstra.

This also follows on with the fact that many towers across Australia are stil using very old technolofy, some even still have a limit of 3.6mbps available, while at the same time Telstra are announcing and bragging about 42mbps hardware available.  Although even if that speed was available in many locations it is next to useless when you are limited to 12GB in any one month.

While the prices have come down and a small amount of data was added to the top two plans it is quite simple and plain to see that within our Government, everyone that is stuck on wireless and also within Telstra itself there is a common agreement that the current broadband plans available to wireless users is insufficient, unfair and needs to be rectified as soon as possible, which will seem to be only when the NBN will be implemented.

Telstra had an opportunity to gain more customers and keep many existing ones long term, but come the implementation and availability of the NBN I am quite confident many will leave Telstra for another provider purely because of the poor treatment many wireless users have been given by Telstra for too long.   Telstra however do still have some time up their sleeve and could improve things now if they wanted to.  However what they will do is wait and leave any great adjustment in plans until just before they have to do anything.  This is because as always Telstra is a reactive provider and not a leader.


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