Request for Fixed Wireless Broadband Access

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 11:59 pm

You may recall my previous post about how I feel that Telstra is discriminating against wireless users.  In hindsight I went about that probably the wrong way.

What I would like to do now is offer a solution to the problem.  This solution is for Telstra to implement a new Broadband delivery method titled Fixed Wireless.

What is very clear to me when I discuss wireless with any Telstra staff member via phone, email or in person is that in general Telstra labels all NextG users as being mobile users and are therefore charged as if a mobile user with overpriced NextG mobile services.  However this is not always the case.

I’d like to propose a new broadband delivery service be setup called ‘Fixed Wireless‘ which is as the title suggests, access to Telstra Wireless (NextG) but from a fixed location only.

The Fixed Wireless service is ONLY made available to households that cannot access Fixed Line services such as ADSL or Cable of which can be verified by a Telstra Technician.

The Fixed Wireless service cannot be used for mobile purposes and is restricted to the physical address of the household location (this may be up to three towers to ensure continuity of service if a tower close by goes down).

The Fixed Wireless service is then priced to match (or at least close to) that of other fixed broadband access services like ADSL and Cable.

If anyone that has a Fixed Wireless service wants a mobile service they can as ADSL and Cable users do, sign up for a mobile service at an additional cost at the current Wireless prices.

I feel the introduction of a Fixed Wireless service will remove the inequality of services provided to those that cannot get ADSL or Cable and will bring about a fairer system for all and choice for all to use what they want based on the plan they choose to use each month.

Please support my request for a new Fixed Wireless service and send a letter or email to the Telstra CEO asking for this to be created and made available. The more that do the more likely that it will be given greater consideration and hopefully implemented.


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  1. Glenn Singleton Says:

    This is EXACTLY what is required and exactly the situation I face as my home is about 6km from nearest point ADSL can be supplied. I qualify for free satellite by the latency issue is a killer for any sort of Remote Desktop application, which I use all the time. You could possibly add a further qualification to the service by specifying that a non-usb powered modem be linked to the account. Bring on FIXED WIRELESS!

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