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Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 9:03 pm

If you read my earlier post about Adobe killing of Homesite you may have thought so what will I (and others) use now.  I am very happy to say and recommend a great product called TopStyle.  Initially developed by Nick Bradbury of whom was the original developer of Homesite, TopStyle is now being further developed by Stefan van As.

As a long time user of TopStyle Lite that was included with some Homesite installs I can happily say that the latest version, TopStyle 4, is a remarkable product.  Originally designed to be for css documents, Topstyle 4 has now been expanded to cover most web code formats from html, xhtml, php, asp and so many more.

Stefan also provides great support via his newsgroups and the community in general is happy to pitch in and help others out.  The price for TopStyle is also great at only $79.95 for a new licence and only $29.95 for TopStyle 3 users.  When you compare it to other editors available on the market the price is very affordable… but the best thing about TopStyle is that you can expand on it yourself – add your own toolbars, common bits of code and a host of other user editable features – many of which I am still finding as I use it.

I am so impressed by TopStyle 4 I looked for a ‘Made with TopStyle’ badge – I did not find one so here is a set I have made up that hopefully Stefan can use and others will grab and support Stefan and his continued development of TopStyle.

New TopStyle 5 badges, added June 2015 by request.

Oh the link to TopStyle…


topstyle5-200x48 topstyle4-200x48
topstyle3-200x48 topstyle2-200x48

Made with Topstyle 5 Built with Topstyle 5
Created with TopStyle 5 Get Your TopStyle 5
Designed Using TopStyle 5

topstyle5-240x48 topstyle4-240x48
topstyle3-240x48 topstyle2-240x48

made with TopStyle 3 Built with TopStyle 3
Created with TopStyle 3 Get TopStyle 3
Designed Using TopStyle 3

Other sizes can be made on request 🙂


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