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Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 8:10 am

Wow pretty much sums it up for Google Chrome.  Google Chrome is you guessed it a new Google product, it is a web browser that simply has to be tried to be believed.  It is lightweight, fast and very simple to use.

Download Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

While still in BETA (as at the date of this post) it is polished enough for every day use, but with the disclaimer that this is a BETA, I would not be using it just yet for secure sites like net banking just yet.

I have been a Firefox fan for as long as Firefox has been around and have been a staunch advocate telling everyone to use Firefox, however that may be soon changing as so far I see no reason not to use this faster more sleeker Google Chrome (GC).

As a developer I use Firefox for a number of tasks that require a few plugins, notable the most used is Firebug.  At first I thought that FF will continue to be needed as I need Firebug for my daily work, but then I found the right click inspect element feature of GC – and this is nearly as good as Firebug.  Nearly i that Firebug is still better but I am sure GC when it has a final release will be even better if the BETA is anything to go by.

So will this end the continued growth of Firefox and stop Internet Explorer from being so dominant?  Who knows but I can say from the many forums and blogs I read there are many already making the switch with GC already taking 1% of the browser market within 24 hours.

When installing it will import almost everything from your Firefox or Internet Explorer settings, pages visited, passwords, favourites/bookmarks and so on.  I have read some had trouble with this, if you do un-tick the browser history tick box as that seems to be the problem in most cases.  It installs quickly and is setup in next to no time.

Your home page when you start it is a little different in that it is a set of thumbnail views of the pages you have most and last visited.  This can be quite helpful to go back to where you were before, or yeterday etc.  I however use a home page I made myself and prefer to use that, so in the settings (the little spanner in the top right of the browser) I selected options and then in the home page part selected ‘open this page’ and entered the URL of my home page and then also ticked the show home page button on the toolbar.

Bookmarks access is a little annoying to me, you need to CTRL B each time to show and then hide them, which is fine but the CTRL B can conflict with other editor hot keys.  It would be better to allow again a toolbar button for bookmarks (optional activate), but I guess this is part of Goggles attempt to keep GC very simple.

Like any software there are a few bugs to iron out for Google and a few tweaks users can make to make it work for them.  But for the most part I am very happy with the BETA and look forward to future releases.


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