Waiting for surgery with my nasal feeding tube

Now that I have prepared for surgery the next step is now waiting for surgery.  It is a daily wait and see now, usually starting with waiting for the team of Doctors to visit and tell me any updates about my condition, my well being and of course any information about when surgery may be happening.

So far a date for surgery has not yet been given, in my 15th day here which is also my 19th day straight in hospital it is becoming a longer wait than what we had hoped.  Having said that there has been a few complications.

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Preparing for my surgery

How do you prepare yourself for surgery?  It really is a question that as patients we have to ask ourselves while at the same time following what your surgeon, dietitian and other medical staff request you to do.  It also of course depends on the type of surgery you are having.

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Years of Pancreatitis, will this be the end of it?

Since 2002 I have been fighting and battling with Pancreatitis.  Initially it was only the occasional, albeit severe, acute attacks several times of the year, however as the years progressed I developed Chronic Pancreatitis and suffer with it daily as well as have frequent acute attacks at the same time.  I am now in Hospital to hopefully stop these acute attacks and if possible remove my chronic pain … but will it?

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It has been a while since my last post ….

As the title clearly says it has been a while since I last used this web site and made a post, not intentional but more a case of having other things that needed to be done and also my ongoing health issues.

I certainly want to say sorry to anyone that has posted a comment but I have not been able to reply, I have not just ignored you but rather dealing with other issues that have taken up most of my time.

I want to bring this web site somewhat back to life and make some weekly posts on a variety of subjects and also my commentary on news items that interest me, and hopefully some of you.  Adding to that will be posts about how my health as well and how that is going, more positively about getting myself better and how that is going.

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Spam User Registrations

HI all, just a quick note to say I have had to remove all user accounts due to thousands of spam accounts being created by idiots that have nothing better to do with their time.

Apologise if you have registered


A Suzuki Owners Forum

Suzuki Forums Australia

Suzuki Forums Auatralia

Not that long ago I created a new forum web site for Suzuki owners in Australia.  I created it because at the time there were no Suzuki forums in Australia that I could find, only one that was a US based forum that had one forum board allocated to Australian owners.  While this new site  has been up for a while, posts and people joining has been slow, so I am hoping through this post I may attract a few more to the new Suzuki Forums web site. Read the rest of this post »


RBA vs Banks Interest Rates Part 2 – The Growing Gap

RBA and Banks Interest Rates Gap

RBA and Banks Interest Rates Gap

As per my post on the 4th of May the major banks are increasing the gap between the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate and the Interest rates they charge their customers.  Looking over the data from the year 2000 we can see how the rates gap has gone from a steady 180 percentage points (1.8%) difference to now a whopping 340 percentage points (3.4%) difference.  It is no wonder why the banks are continually making massive and quite obscene profits, especially as they continue to also charge excessive fees.

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Absence and delays in me responding to comments

Hi everyone, please be patient if I have not yet been able to respond to any of your comments, we have had some heavy storms through our location cutting us off with no power and other services.  Plus also local storm damage such as trees down over fences and needing to clean up before the next storm due tonight.

On top of that my health is an ongoing issue which more often that I would like makes it difficult to make the time to come online and answer requests for helps, especially in the SobiPro post.  I will get to your comments and questions, just be patient please or if you need more urgent help you may wish to ask for help on the SobiPro forums and take out a one month membership when you have all your questions ready to ask, then you can go through them all in that one month.

So again, sorry about my absence and the delays in responding but just note I do have them on my list of ‘when I can get to them’.  Thanks for your understanding.


The RBA vs the Banks on Interest Rate Changes

The RBA rate drop vs what the banks are providing

The last few interest rate changes by the RBA since late 2011 and now in May 2012 has seen the banks move away from the RBA rate changes and go it alone and set their own rate changes, even to the point of lifting rates when there has been no rate change made by the RBA.

While the banks continually post multi Billion dollar profits they cry poor as costs to provide banking are now apparently higher now, even though we all seem to be paying larger amounts of fees to use their most basic services. Read the rest of this post »


The NBN, what are your thoughts?

I admit I was initially against the idea of the NBN mainly due to the overall cost and a feeling that the money could be used for much more, for example piping water from the North West to the South West of Western Australia, which would definitely solve our water issues in WA.  Now however I have grown to accept the NBN and now look forward to its installation…. whenever that will be.

Living in a rural location we are listed as not getting fibre to our town, even though another town only 34 kms away is getting fibre.  I made a case for our town to get fibre  to my local shire (Boyup Brook Shire) but I have not seen any action on this at all so it must be of no importance to the shire… well we will see once its installed everywhere else if it is or not.  Even if we were to get fibre in town our own property would still not be getting fibre.  Wireless will be our only option, which is still better than satellite. Read the rest of this post »